The extended role of Information Technology in education

Information Technology can bring about a sea change in the way education is imparted and learnt. Let us look into some aspects of extended use of IT in education.

IT can help establishing online libraries.  As the Internet supports this activity online libraries become accessible to students and professionals alike, bringing a vast storehouse of knowledge and information. With IT playing an important role, computers become efficient tools in the studies of students and teaching as well.

Online libraries not only offer access to information but also expose students to multimedia uses and ways to adopt their learning processes to the emerging trends in IT. Multimedia studies will enable students to communicate with colleagues located at distant locations, discuss and describe their own projects and also get whatever the information they require. Students are encouraged to access data, arrange them in an hierarchical manner and organize information to present them in a logical manner.

IT enables distance education, which refers to learning without going to regular classrooms and scheduling the learning process to convenience of the participants. Multimedia exposure and computers have enabled students to instantly access information. Home-centric education has become more easy and cost effective, opening new avenues to both institutions and students, resulting in expanding learning horizons.

Distance learning itself is a term which is a product of IT. The term encompasses a number of aspects of home learning, be it home study, external education or independently learning processes, though largely this refers to education through correspondence.

While there are critics who term that distance education is not a clear substitute to the learning process in a classroom where you share ideas with your peers and learn in the process, the advantages of the distance learning is apparent.

With the increasing demand to gain knowledge from many quarters, communications technology has become essential and distance education has come to stay and wield influence.

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