Educators and IT

To apply technological strides to the educational fields, it is necessary that educators should first be trained about the nuances of this technology and should have a proper understanding of the same. IT is used to provide an enhanced value to education and open up new avenues, and to do this unless the educators are properly trained to impart such education, it will be futile to expect the students to learn the nuances.

A conventional classroom teaching is different from that of teaching through the usage of IT. Educators need to be fully aware of the methods to plan, generate and disseminate the applications to students. eLearning is a subject which should be monitored by the tutors to such an extent that they should be aware of what the students are learning and what they take away from the learning centers.

To bring about a change applying IT in education, it is necessary that the value systems, methodology, and our outlook also changes. Educators play important roles in designing the teaching material using IT. They literally tend to become the creators, artists and architects, engineers and craftsmen. Merely using electronic applications like PowerPoint presentations, or electronic boards does not mean you are up to date with the IT strides.

The most important aspect of IT in education is building a relationship between IT and content, and how you teach that content through IT. Though many teachers are aware of the stuff that is meant by IT, they are at a loss to make students understand why they should use and how it is related to the meaningful education.

Thus teachers should first of all practice the integration of IT into education for meaningful application. Courses in technology, strategies for integrating technology into education and field experiences should be part of the teaching methods. Educators would also benefit from keep in touch with the advances in IT from time to time and bring them into their strategies.

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